Elixir 11

Elixir 11 - An everyday hair anti aging healthy hair treatment.  Our leading product not only helps to manage your day to day texture, but it can actually make your hair healthier.



Professional Series

Insashible can be purchased directly from a local Salon in your area or directly from us.  We Guarantee our product will perform or your money back..  


Insashible is QUALITY through and through.          

We developed Insashible to support the vigors of color, blow drying, sunshine, the pull and push of the everyday lifestyle.


Style counts.  So why not put the best products for you hair in your hair. Why not give you a beautiful appearance and look. So we did.


Read our labels, shop around.  Our chemist are highly trained to look for what can nature give us that is profoundly less stressful on you and your hair.  Using chemicals from witch hazel in our engizing shampoo to Morocan Argon Oil in our Hair masqe products.


Bottom line, the products perform, they do not put chemicals in your hair that will cause damage and using a routine of Insashible products will make your hair healthier.


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